Dear fellow Western North Carolinians,

WNC is a one-of-a-kind place, but we’ve also had more than our share of challenges. Therefore, we must be bold. Gratefully, we have two powerful assets.

First, we have ourselves, and we are as strong as our mountains. We know the value of coming together, working toward shared goals, and creating a place where everyone can thrive.

Second, we have a strong philanthropic ally in Dogwood Health Trust. We will work closely with a wide range of partners, using opportunities to reinvent our approaches to the “upstream” causes of poor health and wellness.

We want to help create a region where every generation can live, learn, earn and thrive, with dignity and opportunity for all (no exceptions).

With deepest commitment,

Janice W. Brumit

Janice W. Brumit
Chair, Board of Directors 



Dogwood Health Trust is investing to touch every county in Western North Carolina and the Qualla Boundary. 

Strategic Priorities

Delivering positive impact so that those in Western North Carolina can live, learn, earn, and thrive for generations to come.






Jobs & Economic Development


Health & Wellness

Racial Equity

Dogwood Health Trust’s commitment to racial equity includes specific equity goals for every initiative that we undertake.


Dogwood Health Trust developed a five-prong strategy to address COVID-19 needs, with each strategy including equity components.

Regional Reach

Serving our region equitably, compassionately, and in partnership with our fellow residents with an eye toward a healthier and more prosperous future for everyone.

Leverage Fund